Monday, June 14, 2010

Ugh. Family.

Please just kill me right now. My ridiculous Uncle Charlie and his wife and son are coming out to Boston to stay with us for a few days. After my cousin Carrie's graduation from Dartmouth, I guess they figured they'd round out their trip to New England by coming to Boston as well.

I just finished grocery shopping for my mom (hate shopping for food after a bunch of binge days) because she wanted a whole lot of extra provisions for the guests.... cheese, crackers, fancy muffins for breakfast... only it ALL HAD TO BE ORGANIC because Uncle Charlie is editor of some snobby food magazine I can't remember the name of right now.

Anyways. This has been a tough week. I have a pretty sizeable test tomorrow and I've just been too emotional and sickened by food consumption to study.

Day four back on meds since I realized I'd been forgetting to take them again. I think I feel better and less urgey? But it's hard to tell because I'm also haveing anxiety about the test and social phobia over seeing family members.

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