Saturday, June 12, 2010

Regaining some strength

It seems that the binge wave has passed, which is a relief but now I have to pick up the pieces and try to get on with my life despite the crippling shame and extra poundage that I'm left with.

My cousin Carrie is graduating from Dartmouth this weekend so my family is driving up to NH with my Aunt Sarah to attend... I'm unwilling to see any family members in my present condition so opted to stay home with Heather and just study for the exam on Tuesday. I took my notes and textbook over to the library this morning in order to get some distance from the house but I basically curled up in a chair and slept instead. The binge eating has thrown my sleep schedule all off! I really hope it doesn't reflect in my test grade.

So I'm home now, watching South Park and letting my brain rot away. I've tried to get back on track today with the food piece. I was still full from yesterday when I woke up but I still ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Since then though all I've had is a luna bar. I'm not restricting on purpose, I swear. I just feel like I can't even look at food right now...

Thanks you guys for reading and commenting. Especially on my more distressed posts! It's helping.

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