Thursday, June 24, 2010

Change o' Plans

Alright people, the summer plans are shifting around- SLIGHTLY. I've decided not to drive out early to Michigan with my Aunt Sarah, but stick around here for another month and work a couple weeks at a local day camp near my house. I've worked there five summers in a row now and they love me so it's a safe choice and I feel okay about it. Plus I want to keep paying my parents a little bit for guilt. Sorry did I say for guilt? I meant for college.

I had my last day of class today, and I honestly have no idea how I did on the final. I keep checking for my grade online but class was only two hours ago so she probably hasn't finished marking up all 55 exams yet...

So one more month to go! One more month till Michigan. One more month till cherry pie, frolicking in the orchards, and swimming in the bay. It will be just magnificent.

(P.S. I rarely eat pie, nor do I frolick, and if I can't lose a solid ten pounds before a month is up there will be no swimming for me)

Can't wait! I'll do a countdown starting with my next blog entry.


  1. I love cherries, but not so sure how I feel about cherry pie. I like apple pie. Love blueberries, don't really like blueberry pie.

    I think you should go swimming regardless, you know why?? It's fun!!

  2. That's ok and working with the kids should be fun. I know you did great on the test, don't drive yourself nuts over it.

  3. Thanks David! I got a B+ overall for the class so I'm relatively satisfied. satisfied.

    Palm Tree Chick... thanks for the healthy advice but I think they've outlawed whaling! Hehe, get it? That's a line from Mrs. Doubtfire.