Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sick. Bored.

I officially declare myself sick. Either that or I'm just having the world's worst allergies.

Last night it was so freaking hot I couldn't fall asleep in my usual spot on the couch so I moved to the floor in my room where it's air conditioned. It doesn't really feel like my room anymore. Have I mentioned before that my cousin lives with us?? Her name is Heather. She's 23. She moved to Boston last year after graduation and so she's saving up for an apartment and waiting to find a steady job that isn't through the temp agency. Anyways, she has my room. Which was fine and dandy while I was at school but since I took the semester off I am sort of room-less. I'm not bitter. The couch is where I belong anyways. But I digress. My story was that I woke up in the middle of the night because I had the worst ache in my teeth and I was hungry. So I ate some crackers and took some Motrin and then fell back asleep.

Huh. That story sounded a lot more interesting in my head.

Oh right it was leading up to my being sick. I know I'm sick now because even though the sore throat is gone I have a flemmy cough. Plus my voice is a little froggy like and it was difficult to work out today.

We just had the most MASSIVE thunderstorm. It took down like half of my neighbor's tree and ripped down a bunch of power lines. The winds got up to 65 mph so weather people starting issuing tornado warnings.


  1. A lot of people are getting this sickness and it lasts a while. My mom's been all nasaly sounding for a month, cough and stuff too.

  2. Summer colds suck! Just remember to drink lots of fluids and eat your veggies. They will help.

    Sorry your roomless. Oreo is slowly taking over the bed. Or if I'm on a chair the chair. I thought cat's were loners she is a very demanding kitty.