Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nutella and stuff

It is cold and rainy out tonight. Reminds me of late winter early spring. The most depressing time of year if you ask me. Anyways, after dinner I sat around fiddling away on my computer and started to feel bored and lonely and rather contemplative about the upcoming summer months so I ended up going out to buy food to binge on. It wasn't terrible. I ended up getting a quart of ice cream, a jar of nutella, and a butterfinger candy bar. I ate maybe three quarters of the ice cream, DID NOT EAT THE ENTIRE THING which is a total first for me. I had maybe half the candy bar, and then (eek!), half the jar of nutella. When I felt full I thought the best thing to do would be to throw the leftovers away so I did that just to make absolutely certain I wouldn't go back to them later on.

In general the binges are getting smaller. I kept a log of all my episodes in the past month and here is what I've noticed:

-67% of binges were in response to a strong emotion
-73% of binges occurred on rainy days
-88% of binges lead to domino binges (meaning I usually binged the following day b/c I'm so bummed about the last one)
-A whopping 95% of binges occurred just after engaging in some sort of screen time (e.g. television, computer...)
-92% of binges occurred on days when I went to the gym
-83% of binges occurred on days when I weighed myself
-100% of binges occurred on days when I restricted

So, keeping all of this in mind for future reference will be very useful indeed because it tells me what I need to watch out for. So I will stay extra mindful on days that are rainy, days that are moody, days that are lazy and full of screens, gym days, restriction days, and scale days. Dammit that's a lot of days.

Anyways. I'm not getting too hung up about this slip. I figure I learned a little something from it.



  2. I hope so :) I like being all scientific with the numbers and stuff...

  3. So, what does that 100% one tell ya?? :)

  4. Hmm... The domino thing interests me. Mine are like that too. Of course I have to restrict the next day to make up for the binge then that leads to more binging.

    I like that idea I'm going to to watch mine too. Cool stuff.