Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Definitely doing better. I got an 88 on the biological anthropology test I BARELY studied for, and my Uncle and his family are finally gone so the house is back to the original five. Plus Heather I guess which makes six. Also I've been binge-free since Sunday.

Today it's a little overcast and just under seventy degrees which is perfect running weather. It's funny- I always love the idea of running and then I get out there and after five minutes it's not really fun anymore. I would dearly love to become a better runner. I know that a day might come when I won't have the gym as my number one source of cardio... and in that case I'd like to have something else high-powered and stress relieving to fall back on.

I officially declare my sleep schedule uniformly off. I go to bed at 3:00 and sleep in till 11:00... which is dumb because then I try to convince myself it's okay to skip breakfast since I overslept.

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  1. Yeah, it's not okay to skip breakfast!

    I always like the idea of running too, and then after 2 minutes I'm like, "ugh, why do I have to do this?"