Sunday, June 27, 2010

HOoray for fresh starts

Good evening, friends. Tomorrow I start my life anew. Isn't that exciting? Tomorrow is the start of an incredible improvement on the existing me. Food issues aside, I have a bunch of other goals I need to reach and I have two more months before school starts to reach them so until that time I am going to devote all my energy into not being a freak. Awesome right? Here is the goals sheet I've written up. I have purposely LEFT OUT any goals that involve weight loss or meal plans because I feel like I set unrealistic expectations in that area...


-respond to e-mails or phone calls that I'd rather ignore
-help out around the house and keep my living space neat even if I feel like wallowing in dirty laundry
-be social with friends even though I'm unworthy and fat
-attend Quaker meeting faithfully every Sunday even though it feels better to sleep in
-be open and honest with my T even though she is a wormy little snot who wants nothing but bad things for me
-vocalize frustrations and fears to people instead of to food


-finish Anna Karenina b/c it's been a year already and I need to just get my shit together and tear through
-practice guitar for at least 10 minutes every day
-write weekly letters to friends and other family members
-blog every day!
-maybe start writing a fairy tale for fun
-devote one hour every day to recovery work (journaling, food&feelings workbook)

Maybe I'll go back and add stuff in later on but for now that feels good.

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