Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer, you are not welcome

This weather makes me want to peel off my skin, build an igloo, and live inside it. Fortunately, I have given myself permission to hole up all day long in my air conditioned room and study for my final. IT'S TOMORROW, PEOPLE! Yesterday in class we played a review game in the form of jeopardy, which is never a good idea when I'm involved because I get way too into it- yelling out answers (even when they're wrong!) when it's not my team's turn, snapping at people who try to argue with me, complaining and pouting when other teams get easier questions... it's why my family excludes me from board games.

So yeah. I'll review everything today... taking breaks of course to go to the bathroom and the gym. Dammit. I guess I also need to feed my neighbor's cat again. And then our tenant, Margie, has hired me to water her plants and pay bills while she's in peru. This is just sad. Where is my vacation?

There's this dress in my closet that belongs to my cousin, and for the past week and a half I've been trying it on every day. About 10 days ago I could only get the zipper up halfway, and since then I've been able to slide it up a little farther every two days which makes me feel very proud. Of course it probably just means my ginormous torso is stretching the fabric but oh well.

All the siblings are out of school now so I don't have to be alone during the day anymore!

Also, my mother signed me up for guitar lessons. WTF?

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