Saturday, June 26, 2010

At loose ends

A couple hours ago I asked my mom what we were doing this evening. Out for dinner? Seeing a moving? Having guests over? Sometimes when I don't have any plans I revert back to this old childhood instinct of asking my mother what I've got going on. A part of me still expects her have lined up a play date or a family outing for me. She asked if I was okay and when I said yeah sure why she said, "You seem a little at loose ends."

Okay, say what you will about my mother, but the woman can read me like a freaking book. The past three days haven't been particularly stressful... class is over and I don't have to study anymore. But for no apparent reason I've been binge eating rather mindlessly and without even really bothering to try and stop myself.

I'm sad. Being out of control and gaining weight makes me sad :(

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