Monday, June 21, 2010

This week

As the true heat of summer sets in, I am reminded now more than ever, of how focused I want to be. On EVERYTHING. Not just on resisting binges. I was thinking about it last night as I was trying to fall asleep (and you guys will kill me for saying this), but for the first time I feel like my semester at home has an ending in sight, and fall is not all that far off! The point is, while things haven't starting to change YET, I feel the changes coming.

So let's see what's on the itinerary for this week... I need to put in at least two hours a day on preparing for my final exam... I have to feed my neighbor's cat every day until the end of the month (ugh), I'm getting together tomorrow with Rebecca at Quaker meeting to go over end of the year stuff and organize the classroom supply closets, class tomorrow as well... Wednesday hopefully nothing but studying and the gym, Thursday I meet with my T and my N and then later in the afternoon I have that test. It's not a jam packed week but it still makes me feel stressed out.

I can't find the earrings I usually wear. Just these little gold posts and I lost them. My holes are totally starting to close up so I've been wearing the only other pair I can find which are these super ostentatious chandeliers.

Oh poop. I should probably get back to my flash cards. Did you know in Vietnam there's an extinct ape species called Gigantopithecus? The guy was like 18 ft. tall and had canines the size of my hand...

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