Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I accomplished today

Trying to be best friends with your eleven year old sister is about as productive as trying to be friends with a dog. At first it's super fun- You're running around throwing balled up socks at each other, watching Glee together, eating baked kale with a little bit of salt and then all of a sudden you remember your sister is just a dog and you can't actually have meaningful conversations or interactions. Anyway, for the past week or so she's been sleeping in my room with me. However, I think that ended about fifteen minutes ago. Here's how it went:

Rachel: "Can we listen to Defying Gravity? Not the Broadway one. The Glee one?"

Me: "Hmmm... it's time to start winding down for the night I think. For falling asleep music I have Frank Sinatra and Regina Spektor."

Rachel: "Okay well If I hear one more oldies song I'm going to sleep downstairs."

Then I played the theme from Breakfast at Tiffany's and she left.

The good thing about Rachel is that she can't really hold a grudge for longer than five minutes. We'll be doing Easy Bake Oven and manicures again tomorrow night I'm sure.

I FINALLY got myself to go back to the MEDA support group on Wednesday evenings. It was nice. I forgot how good it feels to just lay all your shit out on the table and still have people love you for it. All (three) of us in group seem to be going pretty strong without using behaviors at the moment, but it's still hard- especially with the holidays coming... food and family? How much more triggering can you get? Anyways, I picked up a bunch of handouts about how to cope with stressful situations regarding Thanksgiving next week. I'll put some of the better ones in my post tomorrow so you guys can take a look and see if they might work for you. Thanksgiving!!! I love gobble gobble!!! Every year I make my own pie crusts from scratch.


  1. 3 people in the group? Do you have enough seats for everyone? ;) haha! I'm glad you have that support. I hear ya about Thanksgiving too. I hate having my parents watching what I eat.

  2. HAHA usually there are only like three people. Sometimes even two. My worst fear before I get there is that it's going to be just me and I'll have to talk the entire time.

  3. What is MEDA? Not one that I've heard of.

  4. Multiservice Eating Disorders Association.