Sunday, November 7, 2010


Oh god. In a fit of overzealous self-confidence last night I committed to turning over yet ANOTHER new leaf in my life- healthier sleep habits. I was sitting at dinner last night with the family eating spaghetti (major trigger food but I ate a very portioned amount, go me!), when I brought up the topic of my mild insomnia and how I thought it was due to my sleeping in too late in the mornings (my shifts at Angora don't start till noon so I gots me lots o time to snooze). Then it turned into a whole entire conversation about all the things that are wrong with me. Not very much fun. My parents were all like, "Yeah yeah we've been meaning to bring that up with you. You really need to get back on track, Eliza."

Me: "Ummmm... okay, well that's why I brought it up. I was hoping you guys would support my recovery."

Rachel: "Can you be addicted to sleep?"

Me: "I'm not addicted to sleep, I'm just thrown off by work and studying."

Dad: "Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you stay up till 2 a.m. watching Dungeons and Dragons?"

Me: "It's called Robin Hood. And watching that show is my reward for all the hard work I do."

Mom: "Hard work?"

Jake: "Oh you mean studying for your ONE class and working three days a week at an ice cream store that gets no business because it's almost winter?"

I felt greatly disrespected and under-appreciated. Although I think they were just teasing me. I hope so. If not then I'm going to hold open auditions for new family members.

Anyways, as I was beginning to complain about, today is the first day of my new sleep schedule. My dad woke me up at nine, I sleepwalked downstairs, hooked an IV of coffee into my arm, and then promptly fell asleep over the Sunday crossword. I'm too tired! I definitely wasn't born with the early bird gene.


  1. It's funny... last year when I was at school I woke up early every day "just for giggles," as my roommate puts it. I loved being up before everyone else when everything was quiet and the sun was coming up. Guess my weight isn't the only thing that's changed after all.

  2. Don't worry too much about it. Parents (and sometimes siblings) have a hard tome understanding. I just cried to my mom this afternoon because my dad gave me this whole "don't talk about fat" thing when he was eating a pizza (which he didn't even thank me for buying it for him); he kind of turned it around on me.

    Glad to hear you can eat spaghetti :) I'm still getting used to eating more foods that used to be triggers. Keep it up!