Tuesday, November 16, 2010

La di da blogging at work

Tulan has left me alone at the store for a couple of hours this evening so that she can go the emergency room. Her chest has been hurting. Not that achy tired feeling, but like deep sharp chest pains. It was actually I who told her she should see a doctor. I mean, it's probably nothing, but on the off chance that it's something, I'd hate to think it just went ignored. Also, I love having the store to myself because I don't have to try as hard to look like I'm working! So right now I am legit sitting on the stool in front of the cash register, tapping away on the store's computer.

I'll be pulling a night shift tonight. Maybe someone will pick me up at 10:30. If not I don't mind walking, but my dad gets uneasy when I walk home that late. He's like, "It's really not as safe as you think, especially along route 9 by the woods."

I said, "What do you mean? I haven't seen a coyote around here in months."

He just blinked at me and shook his head. "Eliza, read the newspaper every once in a while."

OH OH OH! I saw Marci the nutritionist this morning! For the first time since the summer! I forgot how awesome she is. It's funny, she's really sweet and super knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and the inner workings of an eating disordered mind, but you can totally tell that outside of that, she's a total space cadet. Like, okay- she asked what I'm into these days and I told her science in general but my latest craze is primates. I miss my biological anthropology class :( Marci goes, "What are primates again? Like Bigfoot?" I sort of paused before responding because I thought maybe she was kidding but she wasn't.

Anyways, I updated her on my current situation: Working part time at Angora Ice, Monday night class at BU, new therapist named Dr. Gordon, not going back to college in NY until next fall... a lot has changed since the summer. I also told her about how I'm totally done with bingeing and restricting. Behaviors no more!!! I asked about how much I should be eating because even though I'm trying to eat intuitively, I'm not sure whether it's too much or not enough... so she gave me a bunch of charts to fill out my exchanges and levels of hunger before and after eating etc. I'm curious to find out if what I'm eating is in fact a normal, healthy amount.

I should get back to work. Pretty sure this is technically time theft :/


  1. Hey I'm sitting here bogging instead of working. Working till 7 sucks. Lucky it's only one week a month. Nothing to do after 5:30 just sit here. BLAH.

    Go BigFoot! I loved it when we found out he was really an alien robot on the Six Million Dollar Man. Great now I feel really old.

  2. Ahahaha you so funny. But in all seriousness I think blogging can be good for recovery and finding people to support you.