Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful :)

Well yesterday was fun. Thanksgiving is always a hoot. I made three dishes. I made little butternut squash slices with brown sugar and butter and thyme on top, then I made green beans with caramelized butter and pine nuts, and an apple pie with a crumb topping. I ended up getting really nervous and scared that I would binge so I unwittingly started drinking waaaaaaaaaaay too much champagne. It was horrible. I started talking way too much about everything, I cried a couple times, told my Dad and Jake how much I loved them and how much I needed them to know that even thought I don't say it all the time I needed them to know that they mean everything to me. Then I told my sister that she is beautiful in every single way and she should never change or let anyone tell her she isn't good enough. Then I told my mom that I had a crush on Bob. Whoops. My aunt Sarah (the one from NY) came for Thanksgiving too and she was really nice about the whole thing and said nobody is going to hold anything against me just because I got carried away with the holiday. I had the most wonderful moment with my dad though. I've always got along with my dad, but neither of us is very affectionate. He's shy and I don't like hugging people or expressing too much gooey love stuff. Somehow though, being really sloshed last night brought out my true feelings. I cuddled up next to him on the couch as he was reading a book after dinner and then I started crying onto his shoulder.

Me: "I'm so sorry, Dad. I just need you to know. I hope you know that right?"

Dad: "Know what? That you're sorry? What are you sorry for?"

Me: "No. I love you. I want you to know that I love you. I'm sorry for not telling you that I love you! I promise to fix everything and always be a good daughter and get good grades so you can be proud and know that I'm working hard. And I'm so sorry for embarrassing everyone tonight. I should just leave. I'm sorry I ever came home."

And then he said he loved me too and I didn't embarrass anybody and the LAST thing he wanted was for me to leave or go away because he loves me too!! Can you believe it! MY DAD LOVES ME!!! I guess I always knew this but he never says it.

Anyways, today I hit the mall with Rachel bright and early so that we could make good on the Black Friday sales!! Now that her ears are pierced all she is really wanting for Christmas is earrings. I'm still working on my wish list.


  1. Hey! I just started following. It sounds like your thanksgiving was an adventure to say the least. :P I hope black friday shopping was good :)

    Stay strong!

  2. ahaha thanks Lisa! I hope you keep reading :)