Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drowsy and confused

Alright, this is officially ridiculous. Where are these kids' parents? I've been babysitting for Rosalind and River since five o' clock this afternoon and it is now almost midnight. I don't mind the length of time per se, I just wish people would let me know how long they are planning on leaving me alone with their children.

Today felt rocky, in regards to the eating disorder. No major behaviors, just a lot of menstrual pain and hunger that made me want to devour everything in sight. After I gave the kids dinner, I wound up eating like six tubes of go-gurt (only 70 calories each but still), and then I had a medium amount of milk chocolate. That was over an hour ago and now I'm hungry again so... was it a binge? I dunno. Regardless of what it was, it happened, and now it's time to move on.

I'm disheartened because I didn't do as well on my psych test as I wanted to. I got a B+, which is fine and dandy when you don't know what you're going to get but I studied every day for that motherfucker and I deserve better than an 88.

I'm so sleepy right now. And also starting to wonder if I should be worried that they aren't home yet.

* (Time lapse of about twenty minutes)

Home now. Made a hundred dollars in one night so can't complain too much about how late they were.


  1. Hundred dollars! Wow I need a babysitting job like that!

    Good job on the psych test, an 88 is great :) think about all the students who regret they didn't study as hard as you and got C's!

    Gogurt....... I wish I liked yogurt, isn't it good for your intestines (or something like that?)


  2. Yeah yogurt is yummy. Lots of probiotics and live active cultures (which doesn't sound that appealing but I guess we need them).

  3. I wouldn't call it a binge. Did you eat a real dinner or just the yogurt? Maybe if you didn't that's why you were so hungry. And sometimes people just get hungry.

  4. Well yeah dinner that night pretty much consisted of yogurt only... that might explain the hunger.

  5. See then it wasn't really a binge. If you had fed your body right you might not have wanted food so much. You need to start asserting your right to eat what is proper, he says as he eats another mini milkyway cause he skipped lunch... OK new plan do what I say not what I do.