Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh, the work week

Today is Tuesday and that means I gotta pull myself out of holiday weekend mode. Aunt Sarah left on Sunday and that made me sad so I really wanted to binge yesterday and the day before. I didn't though. Behaviors tend to throw me off my game and I can't afford to get sloppy this week. Which reminds me- did I mention I got promoted at Angora!!? I am now employee supervisor. I'm getting paid more too... just not sure how much yet. I hope the other girls won't hate me now. They have been working here longer than I have and some of them even trained me when I first started. Hmmm... maybe I just won't tell them.

In addition to my new work duties, I also have my psychology final next Monday. AAAaaaaaaahhhh! Luckily, the exam is not cumulative so I only have to review the chapters on personality and psychological disorders. My brother was like, "And you probably don't even need to study that last one." Harhar. So I'll need to set aside some time every day to study. Studying is fun. It's like curling up in a warm blanket of knowledge and intrigue. Except when you don't feel like studying. Then it's just a bummer.

ALSO, for some reason, I let my mother and the other members of the First Day School Committee pressure me into directing the Christmas Pageant this year. I guess I don't mind. I mean, I love Christmas. It means everything to me and anything I can do to bring myself closer to the spirit of the holiday is great, but it also adds anxiety to my already panic riddled mind and I don't like stress.

Today I'm working a double shift. I forgot to bring money with me for dinner so I'm really hoping I make enough in the tip jar by then so I can go out and get a salad or something.


  1. YAY for the promo. That can be a little tough when you get promo'd above someone that has been there longer but it happens.

    Boo for "forgeting" to bring money for dinner. Also you could ask a co-worker to spot you some till you can pay them back. Missing dinner is not acceptable.

    Getting back on track after a 3 day week is tough but can be fun too.

  2. Congrats! I hope you get enough in tips too, or maybe you can borrow money from someone??

  3. HAha I like the quotes around "forgetting," David.

    I got enough for dinner so I didn't have to borrow money. That was nice. Actually, I made a new tip jar for our counter. It used to say, 'Tips for college,' now it says, 'Tips for food.'

  4. That is just wrong! I would have bought you food if I was there. I'm good at buying food for others. Of course cause if they binge then so can I.