Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm insane so just bear with me

So here is an e-mail that Bob sent me about eight hours ago. I wanted to post it so I could get some advice:

I can’t believe I forgot to pay you….that is unacceptable you should be calling me to complain :)

I’ll drop off an envelope at your house tomorrow. So so sorry.

Yeah, I babysat for Helen and Brian almost two weeks ago and he still hasn't paid me. I guess I really don't care all that much seeing as I wish he was my husband. And okay, am I absolutely nuts or was there something in this message to suggest that MAYBE he might like me too?? Am I totally reaching here? Hmmm... this calls for deeper analysis.

First of all, it's informal. He doesn't even write "Hi Eliza" or "Eliza-" to start off the e-mail, which suggests that we have enough ongoing communication to leave out the inconsequential names.

Second of all, he appears to be using humor in the line about me calling to complain... and the presence of a smiley face suggests lightheartedness...

Third of all, he uses TWO sorry's in his apology at the end. Perhaps he is worried that one sorry would not be enough to merit my forgiveness, so he uses two sorry's to ensure that he is in my good graces.

Thoughts? I know I'm a psycho but I need to know if there's anything there...

Anyways, I just replied. Here is what I wrote:

Don't worry about it. We can go halvsies on the blame because I'm terrible at reminding people who owe me money!!

And then I too used a smiley face. Only my smiley face was animated and laughing. I don't care if my reply is corny or overly friendly. Is it though? No forget it. I don't care. I mean I do care, but the important thing is to be yourself.

Screw this I'm going to bed. This has been possibly the most worthless and pathetic post I have ever written.


  1. I wouldn't read too much into it. I reply pretty lightheartedly to most people.

  2. Rrrghh you're probably right. Just as well I guess...