Monday, November 22, 2010

My face is really red right now

Tomorrow Tulan comes back from her one week vacation which means carefree happy fun time at work is over :( Don't get me wrong- I love my boss. She's taught me a lot about what it takes to run a store and she's totally committed to her job. But when I work with her I feel like I can never be myself. I'm always in cleaning or servant mode. I never get a chance to sit down, I can't joke around as much with the customers, I can't go on the computer because she's always doing something on it, I can't sing along to the snappy tunes on the store playlist, I can't adjust the heating system to my favorite temperature (71 degrees), and oh so much more. I'm staying optimistic though. I think she's going to start trusting me alone in the store more often.

My shift last night was so much fun. I was working with Dilan, the Turkish girl who's here in Boston taking English classes, and I pretty much adore her. She's a musician, and last night she overheard me singing while I was cleaning the employee bathroom and she was like, "Woah, how long have you been singing?" Ummm... I don't sing. At least not much. I took piano when I was in High School and there was a little bit of voice involved but other than that nothing. I was so flattered that she was impressed with my voice! So during the slow parts of the evening when there were no customers I would belt out Lady Gaga and Dilan would come in with stellar harmonies. It was like a scene out of a movie.

Today was just weird. I spent a lot of time studying because my psych final is next week and I want to get an A, and in an effort to maximize my studying capabilities I took a Ritalin. That was not wise. Ritalin is awesome at first because I can get so much done in a very short amount of time without feeling overwhelmed, but then shit starts to hit the fan. My palms get sweaty and I start getting really anxious- jumping at every little sound, you know? Plus it fucks with appetite in like the least fun way. I can't eat anything without feeling like my stomach is going to squeeze together and throw it all up.

I also took my sister to get her ears pierced today. She was so scared and almost passed out. It was cute. I got my ears pierced too. Second piercings above the original ones. So that was fun and it helped me take my mind off of how sick I felt from the Ritalin. Ugh, never again will I take Ritalin unless it is absolutely necessary. You know it's made out of about 85% of the same stuff cocaine is made out of? No joke.


  1. A lot of "housewives" crush it up and snort it for that reason.

    I totally know what you mean about the work/boss thing.

  2. Glad you had a good time. That sounds like fun. The singing thing not the ritlain thing.

  3. There was a Desperate Housewives storyline a couple years ago where one of them started overdosing on Ritalin. I can totally see my neighbors doing that sort of thing.