Thursday, November 25, 2010

Desr blog,

I would like to wish everyone a happy thanksgibble gobble becaue noboy noe s ehat its like to b me. Also, I'm drunk. So ill eraase this in the morning. I just loe youe all. Fot so many reason but ainly mbecause none of you deserve to have eating disorders. Ed is a bitch. Ed wants terrible things and nothing but the worst fro yiur o just dump him now and stop being a slave to the horroble eatig disodwer. I decided to get super drunk so that i wouldn't eat too much food but in the end I ended up drinking too much and now I feel like shitty shitterson. I told everyon the truth abpit everyhing and I love you gius so please don;t keep on doing this horrible bingeing and resitricing and puring ing and ,making oyurself throw up because thats' horrible and you deserve so much better.

I ove you guys and tomoorwo it's noevemrer 26th. I love my guinea pig georga. she so cute.

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