Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Rezzies

Now I'm just warning everybody (and reminding myself) that I get REALLY overzealous when it comes to New Year's resolutions. I tend to get this idea in my head that because the year is over, I need to leave and forget all my problems from that year and start over again with new and completely different lifestyle choices or something like that. It's actually a serious problem, because once I realize that the goals I've set for myself are too difficult or impossible to achieve, I just fall back into my old patterns again. Take two years ago for instance- one of my resolutions was to become a vegan, and when I realized after a week or two that I could never have real cheese or ice cream again I started bingeing on Tofutti Cuties and soy joys until at a certain point I figured cutting out dairy was actually making me fatter not skinnier. HOWEVER I shall not let my failures from the past keep me from reaching for the stars with my resolutions this year!!!!

Here they are:

-keep in better touch with friends (includes Aunt Sarah and Heather)
-devote a half hour every day to recovery work (journaling, meal plan log, mindfulness exercises)
-stop trying to lose weight, because it's never going to happen
-eat at least one serving of GREEN vegetables every day
-be nicer to Rachel because I don't want her to resent me for all the teasing when she grows up
-get all A's or A-'s in my spring semester BU classes
-keep my room super clean and presentable at all times, since it seems to improve my mood when there aren't rotten food packages shoved under my bed and smelly socks polluting the air
-find a new hobby besides blogging and re-reading Pride and Prejudice
-cut down on Starbucks to only THREE cafe mochas a week
-floss more often- not just after eating corn

Hmmm... I should probably add something like become more spiritual and find my purpose in life but right now I'm watching a really entertaining episode of The Office and I don't feel like it.


  1. Happy New Year. I don't know why your new posts aren't popping up on my reader, but it's highly annoying. Going to try and resolve this now.

  2. OOO I hope you fix it. Your comments fill me with joy and yule tide cheer.

    Ugh. I miss Christmas.