Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My leg itches

Just got home from my first statistics class of the semester. It doesn't seem like it'll be all that bad actually. I mean, I don't hate math... I'm just terrible at it and it takes me about twice as long as most people to finish any sort of math problem. I understand math, and I can DO math, it just takes me forever. When I was in middle school I actually had a math disability and needed an aid from the learning center to hover over me and make sure I was keeping up with the rest of the class. Talk about embarrassing.

Anyway, while I was eating my dinner during the fifteen minute break we get, the girl sitting next to me was like, "I'm an art history major. I haven't taken a math class in five years. What are you taking statistics for?" I thought it was sort of funny that people tend to assume the only reason for ever taking a math class would be because it was required for some other, BETTER area of study. But in all fairness, the only reason I'm taking stats is because it's a pre-med requirement. So I guess I have to yet to actually meet someone who is taking the class because they want to. That's kind of sad :(

And then tomorrow I have my first Health Psychology class, and that should be slightly more interesting. Not that figuring out the standard deviation of a normal distribution curve isn't interesting...

For those of you are relatively new to reading my blog, I'll just clear some stuff up. Boston University is not my real school. I'm taking evening classes there so that I can keep getting academic credit while I continue this never-ending medical leave from my REAL college, which is in New York. I guess I'm following a pre-med pathway, regardless of whether or not I go to medical school. I just love science. I can't start taking all those big year long courses like Chemistry and Biology until I go back to New York, so until then I'm just filling up my transcript with little semester long classes that my advisor recommended I should take in addition to the the big ones.

Okay then, back to today. This morning I slept in too late AGAIN, and woke up half an hour before my appointment with Marci. Actually, I wouldn't even have woken up in time to call her if it wasn't for my cat. Moxie jumped on my bedside table and knocked a glass of water over onto my face, clever kitty. I takes me at least 45 minutes to get there, so there was no way I was going to make it. Luckily it was snowing so I called her and said I was stranded at the bus stop because the public transportation was backed up (I stuck my head out the window so it would sound like I was really outside) and everything worked out. I know it's wrong to lie! Sometimes my moral compass is just a little finicky right after waking up. Anyway, she said she could fit me in tomorrow at 4:00 so that's when I'm gonna see her.

P.S. I've begun to notice a pattern in the titles of my posts... whenever I can't think of a good title I just make a random observation about what my neck or my stomach or my head or some other part of my body is feeling like at the moment. Just thought that was odd...


  1. For some reason or another, I love reading all of your blog posts, whatever they may be about :) haha *I don't mean that in an insulting way, btw*
    I guess because you're the only recovering blogger that restricts/binges/repeats. But LUCKILY neither of us have been down that path lately :) good news!
    Anyway, I am glad that you are liking your classes so far! And don't worry too much about your medical leave or getting into med school just yet. Just focus on the here and now. It sounds to me like you are doing great. You have a great head on your shoulders. Listen to it :)
    Also, let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow! I know what it's like to be late *story of my life* haha
    P.s. Love the post title :)

  2. Well I'm glad my little day to day musings make for enjoyable reading! Thanks for letting me know that. Sometimes I think I'm the only one getting something out of the blog experience.