Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A had a really good title but then a customer came in and made me forget

What a boring day this is turning out to be. I've been at the store since 11:00 this morning, completely by myself, and now it's almost 3:00 and there have only been like nine customers since I arrived. I read for a while, had a sandwich, then got super bored and hungry so I had a frozen yogurt with bananas. The froyo was so good that I had a bunch more, plus some candy toppings, and a scoop of coconut almond chip ice cream. I suppose it qualifies as a binge... (oh how tired you guys must be of me probing and analyzing my behaviors!), but I don't feel overly full or sick, and stopped once I felt like it was really starting to get out of control. That's good right? I mean, sometimes backing out of binge is harder than stopping yourself from bingeing in the first place. Anywho, right afterward I logged onto my Weight Watchers account and entered my intake. Obviously I went over my allotted amount of points for the day, but LUCKILY I've got my weekly allowance points to dip into for just such an occasion as this. I spent 24 of my allowance points on this little binge, can you believe it? Now I only have 15 left to use throughout the week. I must be more judicious in my spending as you can probably tell. The funny thing is, if I were following the amount of exchanges that Marci has made out for me to eat every day, this would not go over my meal plan. So I guess we'll have to call it a Weight Watchers binge.

I do not want to be here until 10:00 tonight. Actually, if I'm alone I won't mind it as much. When I'm alone I can just read and fool around on the computer as much as I want, and then when it's time to close I can turn the music up nice and loud while I mop. Maybe this day has some potential after all :)


  1. I hope your day is going by fast. You are allowed 39 pts for the week?

  2. 49 extra to use through the week. But it gets used up faster than you'd think!!! Just one luna bar is 5 points. And a cup of ice cream is 11.

  3. Oh I see. 24 plus 15 is 39. I must have screwed up my figures because I def have 49 not 39.

  4. I'm proud of you for backing out of the binge. I DO know how hard that can be. Keep it up, and don't be too hard on yourself!
    <3 Haley