Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Sometimes I like rainy weekends because it gives me an excuse to stay in and ruminate without feeling like a hermit.

Not much to report I guess... my cousin (who lives with us at the moment) has finally resorted to online dating because the pool of eligible guys in the Boston area is practically non-existent. She met this guy who actually seems pretty cool and not a psycho so last night I helped her get ready for the first date. That was fun and I got to do her make-up and go through her wardrobe.

My appetite is just not here today. It might have something to do with taking a Ritalin this morning... I had to wake up mad early to set up the classrooms for First Day School at Quaker meeting and I didn't have time to make coffee. Ritalin is fun. Not only was I able to set up the classrooms but I made these adorable flower cut outs and strung them around the hallways!

Anyways, I can feel the hunger enough to know I should eat something and I tried eating some cheese and grapes but it have you ever tried eating food when you don't want it? Impossible.


  1. YEs, I know the feeling. When you don't want to eat, you just can't do it. Not even ED related.

  2. True that. I hope it comes back by tomorrow so it won't be unbearable to eat at program though...