Sunday, April 4, 2010

The bunny wants me dead

Happy Easter fellow bloggers, friends, and eating disordered comrades! What a lovely spring day it is outside. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

This morning started off pretty steady. I ate a big bowl of cereal and fulfilled my breakfast exchanges, then I dove into my Easter basket. The bunny did good this year. I got springtime body crystals in the shape of a butterfly, a plastic cow that poops brown jelly beans, several fuzzy chicks of varying adorableness, galactic puddy, and of course, the mother load: jelly beans, cadbury creme eggs, reese's peanut butter cups, pink and yellow candy corns, peeps, a giant solid milk chocolate bunny... etc etc etc.

Anyways, I was pretty proud of myself for the first hour or so. I had like three jelly beans and a peep, figuring that chocolate might trigger a binge. Unfortunately the power of Easter and all it's savory goodness was much too strong so eventually gave in and ate my whole basket. Not the wicker and the fake grass though just the candy.

I'm hesitant to count this as a binge- because I ONLY indulged in candy. If I'd made a big mess of eggs and hash browns, broken into a bag of tortilla chips, ate a quart of ice cream, or added straight peanut butter to the mix then I would take it a bit more seriously. That's the good news. The bad news is the eating disorder considers it a binge so I don't see lunch and dinner happening this evening, and I'll probably go for a longer run than usual this evening.

Will try to dig a little deeper into this issue tomorrow. I'm happy I'll be back in program. This is my first behavior in like two weeks. I'm such a goon.


  1. OK this is a holiday. Holiday's you don't count food. See it's not a binge, it's an easter miricale. The calories don't count. And you know that one day of over eating, even a huge binge if your back on track the next day your body will adjust and put you back where it wants to be. But to be honest I thought you needed to gain some weight anyway? So I say bring on the BUNNY'S!

    Oh and do you eat the ears first?

  2. Naaah a couple months ago I could have used a few extra pounds but they're back on for sure.