Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost there!

YESSSSSSSSSSS. Insurance finally crapped out on me and I'm done with Day Program next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! After weeks and weeks of group therapy and forced meal plan compliance I have finally reached the end of my intensive outpatient treatment!!

So then on Thursday I'll start the Evening Program. Beth, the director pulled me aside today to give me a little orientation of how IOP works. It's pretty similar to Day, except it's obviously shorter and not every day, plus we only eat one meal together.

Want me to read you some stuff about it? Okay!

1) You are expected to bring a MINIMUM of the following requirements for your dinner meal. 2 Grains, 3 Proteins, 1 fruit or vegetable, 1 fat, a dessert, and a caloric beverage.

2) If your meal plan does not meet the minimum requirements, you will be asked to add the missing exchanges to your meal by the group leader.

3) You are expected to finish 100% of a meal.

4) You are encouraged to bring a risk food each night to help incorporate variety.

6) Diet, low fat and light foods are not allowed, including: low carb foods, light bread, 100-calorie packs, low fat or light salad dressing.

7) Please do not bring caffeinated beverages (ie: coffee, tea, soda) to the program. Caffeine-free sodas are permitted. Also, please keep in mind that diet-labeled drinks are not permitted. Herbal teas are permitted during the winter months, but do not count toward meal plan requirements and may not be consumed in excess of 1 cup per evening.

8) Conversation during dinner should be kept light and non-treatment, non-food focused.

9) Repeated failure to follow these guidelines will be brought to the director's attention and may be grounds for recommendation for a higher level of care.

Most of these regulations apply to Day Program as well... except for this whole mandatory dessert and caloric beverage shit. What the hell is that?

Other that than, the groups are pretty similar too. We've got DBT skills, body image, nutrition... blah blah blah.

OH BUT YAY! At this level of care we don't need bathroom supervision anymore!! No more having to count out loud while we pee or put in tampons!

Happy Friday everyone. I love weekends. :)

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