Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fruitful frivolity

Happy April Fool's! Thursdays at program tend to run slow so me and a couple of the girls took advantage of the holiday to pull some devious shit on the staff. We started small by taking the paintings off the walls and then hanging them upside down. Then we hid all the dry erase markers, changed the clocks... it's hard to pull pranks without making too much of a mess. OH oh oh but I had the ingenious idea of sneaking into my case manager's office and stealing the scale we get weighed on! That was awesome. We hid it with the snacks in the kitchen. Fortunately I think the counselors were just so happy not to see us crying over our meal plans because they didn't come down too hard when they found out. Anyways, back to being nineteen years old again. I need to focus on weekend planning so I can stay behavior free over the next few days.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and EVERYONE in the family but me has off from work or school. So I am protesting the fact that I have to wake up at 6:00 by staying up super late watching John Hughes movies. Right now I'm on Pretty In Pink. NOT as good as The Breakfast Club- which is my favorite movie of all time but it's definitely up there.

Molly Ringwald has killer legs.

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