Friday, April 9, 2010


TGIF and Hooray. It's really gross outside and I feel grumpy and depressed. I came home and got ready to go to the gym... but my mom wasn't back with the car so I started getting really urgey and anxious. I started eating cookies and then more cookies and then my mom came home so I stopped. I had some more cookies afterward though (what is it about COOKIES??)- just like nutter butters and oreos. I'm done now I think. After about twenty minutes and twenty cookies I started feeling really guilty and stupid for being so impulsive. I don't have much experience actually STOPPING myself in the middle of a binge so I feel really weird right now. I also feel proud though. YES I FEEL PROUD. So what if I caved? The point is I stopped and didn't get too black and white about the situation.

Unfortunately I need to purge so I'm off to the gym. Won't overdo it- I promise.

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