Monday, April 19, 2010

Marathon Monday

I wonder who won this year... I heard that a lot of Europeans couldn't make it over here because of all the flight cancelations and volcano hoopla.

Beacon street is totally closed off because of all the slow pokes who haven't finished running yet so I can't get to the gym. Now I am forced to sit at home with the calories from lunch just pouring fat into my cells. Oh well.

I have my exercise privileges back now. Did I mention that? I'm bummed that the roads are blocked but what's cool is that if this had happened two months ago or something I would be FLIPPING MY SHIT right now. There are a lot things I wish I had worked on harder throughout my stay in Day Program. I wish I'd stuck more to the meal plan and not restricted so much much on snacks. I wish I hadn't hidden cheese sticks in my sleeve. I certainly wish I hadn't had quite so many binge episodes... But I think I can claim, with absolute confidence, that I am no longer addicted to the gym- and that feels pretty freaking awesome. :)


  1. That's very cool. I'm happy for you about that. Don't be hard on yourself and go eat a snack!

  2. I wish you could have realized you should have worked harder on those things while you were there. That's great that you are no longer addicted to the gym. :)

  3. I mean... I definitely think I got the most out of it that I could at this time. ESPECIALLY since I didn't want treatment in the first place.