Thursday, April 22, 2010

Graduation Day

Technically yesterday was my last day but I didn't feel like blogging.


I also had a final meeting with my case manager and went over some stuff. We made a list of my accomplishments during treatment, and a relapse prevention plan. Wanna hear 'em!? Okay!


- Trust in the meal plan
- I feel comfortable eating eating with my family again
- I don't have to plan my meals in advance in order to feel comfortable eating
- I'll wear clothes besides sweats and baggy jeans EVEN THOUGH my body image is still shot to hell
- I know/can expect what will trigger binge urges & use skills to overcome them
- I can go on with my life without exercising every single day

I still have a butt load of work to do but at least I've gotten a hold of the obsessive side of the eating disorder and that was the side of it that was making me most miserable.

I still need to work on:

- Not restricting!
- Not using exercise as a purging method
- Owning up to my slips
- Eating desserts in portioned amounts without it turning into a binge

Oh my god last night I was so bored I starting reading New Moon. Why is everyone so in love with Edward Cullen? He's such a moody little son of a bitch.

Tonight I have Evening Program for the first time. I have to bring my own dinner. I think I'll do a veggie burger. Then maybe almonds on the side for my fat... soy milk as my caloric beverage... and then since I have to have a FUCKING dessert I guess I'll go with Nilla Wafers or something light.


  1. Glad you did so much work. Take a little rest for now but don't sip back. Take some time to really congrat yourself. You did very good.

  2. good job :)
    your coming out of treatment, im going in :(

  3. Hi there, I just found your blog and wanted to say congratulations first of all! This really struck me: I can go on with my life without exercising every single day. Because it's so true, and it's something that I still struggle with even now.

    Good for you for all the work you've done thus far.

    And I don't understand Edward Cullen either.

  4. Thanks girl! I'm gonna start reading your blog too. Sounds like we have a lot in common.