Monday, April 26, 2010

I Boobed!

Hello friends. I'm happy to report that your resident food psycho is doing much better today!

I woke up at 10:30 a.m. feeling like shit... which isn't a shocker considering my massive binge episode last night. Usually the first thing I do on the morning after a binge is soothe away the pain with a stack of pancakes two feet high and a butt load of chocolate for breakfast. So I rolled out of bed and promptly dove into the bag of chocolate covered pretzels that my mom hides from me in her sock drawer. There was only half a bag left and I ended up finishing it. The I mosied on over to the kitchen and started rifling through a bag of tortilla chips when it dawned on me... is MORE bingeing really the solution? NO. So I decided to make a different choice in that moment.

I later learned, this evening at program, that I used a DBT skill I'd never even heard of! It's called Backing Out Of a Behavior- also known as B.O.O.B.

Liz- the counselor in charge of Evening, was very proud, and she made me a badge with picture of some big ol' boobies in a black satin bra. And on the top it says, "I BOOBED!!"

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  1. Glad you boobed (I can't believe I wrote that). And don't forgot those things you came up they are good. Just try them and you can make it through. I know last night sitting there thinking "Where is desert?" was very hard but I did it and when I knew that I had to have something or go nut's I hade some veggies.