Friday, April 23, 2010

IOP and other stuff

The first night of IOP went pretty well. It's WAY more relaxed and flexible than Day Program, which is kind of relief. The supervising counselor didn't check our portion sizes, she sat down and actually ate with us, and after dinner we didn't even have to leave the room so she could check our plates.

It looks like I'll only need to do Evening for about two weeks. Hooray :)

I'm exhausted right now. Mom forced me to take my little sister out into Boston today so we spent like five hours in the aquarium. BLegh. I bought myself a shark's tooth though...

OH MY GOD last night I woke up at around 2 a.m. and I couldn't fall back asleep because I was hungry as fuck. I tried to ignore it and roll back over because I felt guilty for feeling empty (ridiculous, right?). Anyways, after like 45 minutes I just wanted to get back to sleep so I went downstairs to the kitchen and brought like a spoonful of peanut butter back to my room. My mom followed me up a few minutes later and knocked on my door. She was like, "Hey, hun. I smelled peanut butter and I was just wondering if you needed some support."

IT WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING EXCHANGE EVER. She totally thought I was on some kind of creepy night time binge by myself when in reality I was actually having severe restriction urges and the only way to fall back asleep was make my tummy stop grumbling. So that made me mad.

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