Sunday, April 4, 2010

The bunny is a bitch

It's still Easter. I've never written two posts in one day before.

That being said,

Fuck my life. Fuck it fuck it fuck it FUCK IT. Someday, when all of this shit is over and done with, I'm going to sit down and write a book about it all. It will be called, "Ice cream and other shit- how they almost destroyed my life."

Right now I'm watching Fargo because it's literally the only movie that doesn't make me feel shitty and fat. Isn't that funny? Name any movie. ANY MOVIE besides Fargo and I guarantee I could find something about it that would be upsetting or triggering. Nothing with romance because it reminds me of how guys would never like me, nothing with kids because it reminds me of how much skinnier I was when I was younger, nothing funny because most comedies have a beautiful girl character who makes me feel ugly, AND most comedies also have a fat joke in there somewhere. You get the point. My choices are limited. Fargo is awesome because it's about greed... murder... wintertime in Minnesota. It makes me feel cozy. Plus the accents kill me.

Anyone else ever wonder if humans will have to evacuate earth and live on the moon or something? I doubt I would binge eat on the moon.


  1. Think of it this way, on the moon your 1/6 of your weight anyway. Ment as a joke don't be triggered.

    Why are you waiting to write the book? Start now. I'm going to read the other post now and I hope I find out why you're having such a sucky day.

  2. Hahah.. i did laugh on this post, your core is really funny, you do have a sense of humor.. :D

    Please keep writing, write anything off that bugs you!!

    I wonder if we could purge on the moon :P

  3. Your post did, despite it's initial tone, make me laugh..

    So just write anything off your system.. instead of vomiting :S

    I wonder if we could actually purge on the moon..