Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh crap

So this morning the newest recruit walks in, a girl who looked so painfully familiar I couldn't get out of my seat to portion breakfast until I figured out who she was. It took me a few minutes but after I thought about it long and hard I remembered that she went to High School with me. This treatment center is about a 45 minute drive from the town where I live and went to school, so I REALLY wasn't expecting to see anyone I recognized. I should probably also mention that her dad is relatively famous, and she's gorgeous and super skinny so I felt really insecure. I started feeling uncomfortable and all I could do was hope that she didn't know who I was.

After breakfast she came over and introduced herself... "We went to BHS together, didn't we!!??" I smiled and acted all surprised then we talked for a few minutes about how crazy it is that we both ended up here, how crazy that we both have eating disorders, hahahahahaha.

My case manager pulled me aside at the end of the day and I assumed she wanted to check in and see how I'm feeling about this girl I already knew showing up at treatment with me but NO. She says, "Eliza I understand you and Ava went to school together... you're probably aware of who her family is. Well it's very important to Ava that she maintain a sense of anonymity in treatment so we just want to make sure you don't tell the other girls who she is because it might get weird."

So I felt like a crappy idiot thinking she actually cared about how I felt about the situation, and why should she care? Why worry about MY recovery when you have a gorgeous celebrity instead??

No binging since the last episode. I don't deserve ice cream.


  1. No one deserves ice cream. But everyone is ENTITLED to ice cream. Ice cream is the food of the Gods so eat it up it's your birth rite!

    Think about how you feel if everyone knew you were going there. Now imagine if you face showed up on a local news show about it and people with camera's were waiting outside the treatment center to take pics of you, and talk about you. I know that it sucks that she didn't think about how it would affect you but the above scene is what she was afraid of. I think you ought to tell her how you understand but then ask her why she wasn't worried about how it made you feel. Vindictive a little but remember they are not perfect and she was probably just doing what upper management told her.

  2. Yeaaaaahhhhhh you're right. I think I'm a little bit jealous too...

  3. Interesting! I am dying to know who the family is. Too bad I'll n ever know.

    What are the chances you'd know someone in the program?? Geez! I'd never expect that.