Monday, May 3, 2010

Taco Night

Well tonight we had another exposure meal- tacos, in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Last time I checked that was still on May 5th though right??

Anyways the dinner was fine. We got to cook the meat and chop the tomatoes and avocados ourselves which was nice. Karen the nutritionist brought in margarita fixings, and me and this other girl Taylor were in charge of making them. We wound up not screwing the top of the blender on all the way so the limes and ice and stuff went flying all into our hair and face. I screamed, Karen was laughing out loud. She was like, "The lengths you guys will go to get out of drinking a caloric beverage..."

Blegh. I don't feel much like blogging tonight. I have all this energy and I don't really know what to do with it... running at night is dangerous supposedly so I won't do that.

I went to CVS after program this evening and bought a huge halloween sized bag of blow pops because they're awesome at staving off binge urges. They taste yummy, and they take like ten minutes to finish so by the time I'm done the urge is usually gone. Plus only 60 calories a pop. I'm so clever.

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  1. Nice idea with the blow pop thing! Taco night sounds fun. Hope you enjoyed it. Karen sounds funny :)