Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here's the haps

I have absolutely nothing to write about. My life has become stagnant.

I can make a list of things that happened today though...

-I woke up at 6 a.m. because I was hungry so ate some cereal then went back to sleep for an hour

-For some reason I'd told my dad I would help him plant stuff so we spent like a fucking hour and a half in Mahoney's picking out
the best flowers and grass for the sunny side of our house

-Then we came home and dug holes in the ground so we could plant flowers that aren't actually going to bloom for another two months

-I felt hungry at noon but my thighs are enormous so for lunch so I had a greek yogurt and 5 almonds

-I went to the gym with my dad and did cardio for 35 minutes while watching The Prince and Me on tbs... stupid movie really but I'm a total sucker for movies where the girl gets a makeover and becomes a princess :)

-I sat on my front porch and switched off between reading Madame Bovary and Fast Food Nation (that book will make you NEVER want to eat again)

I think we're going out to eat for dinner...


  1. i hope you eat a real dinner!!

  2. i got a veggie burger with cheese but let my brother have the fries... i think it still fulfilled my exchanges though so thats good...

  3. Hey, Eliza! I have never read your blog before tonight.... and tonight I read every single post you've ever written. I was totally engaged in your writing... I found myself totally identifying with many of your thoughts/behaviors. I also found myself CRACKING UP at some of your sentences. You're a funny, awesome girl. I wish I knew you in real life :)

    I really appreciated reading about your Day Program, as I'm about to start one (a 10am - 7:30pm 6x a week thing). Reading about your experience made me feel (am I actually saying this?) ... excited?... to go.

    Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences!

    Good job at dinner.