Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's gettin gross

I completely forgot to acknowledge the fact that it was May yesterday! MAY. Last week I was decorating gingerbread houses wasn't I?? Seriously- I must be getting old because time has no meaning anymore.

There was a leak on a major water pipe in Weston so the board of health is telling everyone not to drink the tap water because we'll all get e coli and mutate or something like that. I dunno, wasn't really paying attention. I did drink a shit load of water after the gym last night... but I think if I was going to get sick it would have happened by now, right?

Maybe I'll get diarrhea and lose 10 pounds.

It's supposed get up to like 90 degrees this afternoon. I hate that!!! I have such an aversion to warm weather... always have and I don't know why. First of all, my body temp runs a lot higher than other people's and I'm not kidding. When I was little my friends wouldn't invite me for sleep overs because I HAD to sleep in the nude otherwise I'd burn up like crazy. Sometimes I think it contributed to the anorexia in ninth grade... figured I was eating too much so I cut back on food intake to cool off.

Tomorrow we have a food exposure meal at Evening... tacos I believe. Kill me.


  1. My friend must live by you because she can't drink her water either. :)

    I hear ya about the 10 lbs thing, but you need to change your mindset b/c you're working on recovery, my dear!

  2. FINE.

    5 lbs. then

    Maybe 6 but I swear not 10. Pretty sure I'd stop getting my period again if I lost 10...