Sunday, May 16, 2010

F you, scale

Here's the thing about the scale: it sucks. I'm curious to know what the guy who invented it was thinking. You know what? Hang on. I'm gonna go see if I can find his name.

Holy hell! it was Leonardo Da Vinci in 1500.

Today I went to the gym and decided to weigh myself, knowing full well that I'm about to get my period and was completely water logged. A part of me was just hoping for a miracle I suppose. My day is always so much brighter when that little needle drops a notch or two... but today I was the SAME FREAKING WEIGHT as last week and I felt humiliated. There is no other word for it really.

I should feel good. I should feel great in fact. I haven't been bingeing or overly restrictive with food, and my exercise has been normal and healthy YET I feel like shit. I know it's just the eating disorder screaming at me for breaking our old rules, but it feels like I've done something wrong or I've let someone down.


  1. Those numbers can screw with your head. You need to just ignore the scale. Think about how you feel. Think about what the number on the scale will mean to you. Will it make you happier? What does it get you?

    Scales are for fish!

  2. Good one!

    Yes, pinning all my hopes on a number is such a fool's errand. I will never be satisfied and even if I am that's still sad.