Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm going to rant and bitch. My mother is being absolutely the most irritating person in the whole entire effing world. So I'm sitting on the couch upstairs, pouring over my notes on genetics because the whole concept makes no sense whatsoever, and then she goes, "Hey I never got to look at your evaluations from last semester." (At my school we get written assessments instead of grades). First of all, this is false. I read them to her while she was washing dishes four months ago. Okay, so maybe she wasn't paying the closest of attention. Anyways, I did awesomely in just about everything. My teachers called me names like dedicated, authentic, rigorous, and astute. My french teacher described my language skills as "almost flawless." However, towards the end of the semester I sort of threw in the towel on the final paper because I really just didn't give a shit. My eval talked about how the paper didn't go into enough depth and stuff.

Anyways, does anybody else have parents who ONLY FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE?! It bites. I can literally never win with these people. When I do well its like, "Well that's nice, that's what you're supposed to do." But when I don't do well they act like I hurt their feelings or something.

Dinner time. Not hungry in the slightest and I'm really depressed so I don't even care that I'm skipping.

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  1. Your mad at them so you punish yourself by not eating? I'm not judging, I do it too but it's much easier to point out the flaw's in that logic to others. Try it it's fun.

    Next, parents think (sometimes) that they have to fix us, or to spur us onward. The easiest way for them to do that is to concentrate on things that need to be improved. Talking about what you do great is just not what they want to do. But they may feel that they can "help" you by pointing out ways for you to improve. Like me with that first comment (see I'm analyzing myself too).

    Just start talking to her in French. That should freak her out. Take care and get something to eat.