Thursday, December 9, 2010


I got a 98 on my Psych final!!! That means I'll get an A- overall!!! Which is a huge relief because I knew I was teetering between a B+ and A- average but this test grade totally clinches it!!! I AM SO THE MAN!!!

I asked Jake if he could think of a nicer and more appropriate title for this post that still expresses how happy and proud I am of my awesomeness and he suggested either 'boo-yah!' or 'Ray Allen for 3!' Apparently that last one is what everyone shouts whenever Ray Allen scores a 3 pointer. Whatever that means. I don't care.

I think I'd rather just be doing school full time. I like making money and stuff at my job but I miss being a student so much. I can't wait till next fall when I go back to New York! I've decided to take two evening classes at BU next semester, so that once I go back to my regular college workload next year, it won't seem as overwhelming. So in January I'll be starting Health Psychology and Statistics (math, gross, I know), and then once I go back to real school I can start my year long pre-health courses like Bio and Chem. Yeah, that's right bitches. I have a plan.

Now all I gotta do is recover from an eating disorder and I'll be good to go.


  1. haha. i love your wit. CONGRATS ON SCHOOL AND THE PSYCH EXAM!!!!! I'm proud of you and you CAN beat your eating disorder. You obviously have the motivation to succeed! You can do this! :)

    Congrats again

  2. Math, gross ??? *lol* I L-O-V-E Math.
    Good job on your school work !! Go, Eliza, go !