Monday, August 2, 2010

Tonight I cook

I think someone once told me that the more time and effort you put into creating what you eat, the more likely you will be to savor and appreciate it. Although maybe no one told me this at all... because come to think of it that assertion sounds a lot more like common sense than a wise observation. So never mind that first part. Tonight I take my first step in a journey of a thousand miles: I re-attempt cooking.

I've definitely fallen into a pattern of thinking that food is just calories so just eat it and be done with it. While this is true, that mindset is not a healthy step towards vanquishing the binge demon (I've been watching a lot of Charmed re-runs), and taking control of my life. For dinner I'm starting relatively simple: baked potato with cheese and then this fancy brussels sprouts dish I found in a magazine. You chop up the sprouts and braise them in olive oil and shallots, then add some brown sugar and mustard and it's actually quite nummy. Heather likes brussels sprouts too so everyone will be pleased. And by everyone I mean all two of us.

The rest of the gang is in Michigan still. I miss them. My brother most of all. I haven't seen him since the beginning of July when he first left to work on the farm. Oh and by the way (maybe I'll talk more about it later maybe not because I don't really feel like going into it right now), I'm not going after all. I'm still not sure what the underlying psychological reasons are behind my reluctance to spend four lovely weeks on the celestial peninsula of Traverse City. I can't remember a summer where I didn't spend at least a month there and now all of a sudden I won't go? Huh. We shall unravel the mystery later on when I have more time.

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