Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the world continues to turn

Not much to report in the way of news... I'm very sullen and disinterested and it's totally effecting the frequency of my posts.

I bought a Guinea Pig yesterday. My mom sent me to the pet store to buy food for Rachel's hamster and I came home with a Guinea Pig. It was an impulse buy. She's so cute. She is my new best friend.

Anyways, yeah. Sometimes I wish I could just fall off the face off the earth for a couple of weeks. Hide out on an astroid like in The Little Prince. I'm thinking a lot about outer space today. Might have something to do with watching Planet of the Apes for like the fifth time this week. I just really like the part where George Taylor and Dr. Zira kiss.

Tomorrow is my LAST session with Dr. Biteme! That's right, I'm finally cutting her loose! I have been granted/sentenced another semester at home and if I intend on taking another shot at recovery I can't waste any more time letting that woman make me feel like some binge eating dimwit. My mom called her this morning to break the news that tomorrow would be it. I was too scared to do it myself.

I scheduled an assessment next week at the Multiservice Eating Disorders Association (also known as MEDA). Maybe somebody there can help me.


  1. Pets are cool. My cat loves me again. She was just in a bad mood from me leaving her alone for so long. That MEDA thing sounds interesting let us know what they say.

  2. It is good that you are ending a bad therapy relationship. I hope that the new place can help. Congrats on the new guinea pig. What's it's name? Pets are so calming. Take care, and have a great weekend:)