Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everyone is losing it

Today a little girl at camp named Lilliana had a meltdown during lunch because the chair she was sitting in was shorter than all the other chairs at the table. We're trying to teach the kids how to be flexible in negative situations, especially this girl in particular because she has a rampant temper when things don't go her way. Anyways, she cried for five minutes about how she wouldn't eat lunch until she had a taller chair. "Your chair is a small problem so it doesn't need big tears." We're supposed to say stuff like that. She finally managed to get herself together and was still hiccuping these little sobs and grumbling under her breath, but when she opened her lunch box she just LOST IT completely. She took out a sandwich, which evidently had been smushed and was now inedible. She started shaking and clenching her fists and then I guess it was like the breaking point in her bad mood because she was screaming and thrashing for a good half hour threatening to never eat again unless someone found her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that didn't resemble the one she had. Eventually I had to bring the devil spawn into another room and wait out the hysterics with her because the two head teachers needed to wrap up lunch with the rest of the kids. I suggested to Lilliana that we write her mom letter explaining how she would want her sandwich next time so this situation wouldn't happen again. I thought my idea was pretty inspired but after I read what she wrote... maybe not so much. I'm sorry, I just had to copy it into this post because it was so intense and hilarious:

Dear Mommy,

A bad thing happened when you put my water bottle in after the sandwich because it smushed it and since germs from the water spills into a peanut butter you can't eat it then. I wish you to know how the real sandwiches are made because that way it wouldn't be all your fault.

Love, Lilliana

I still don't know what to do about this whole going back to school in the fall or the spring dilemma. I really want someone to make the decision for me that way I won't feel like I'm letting anyone down. I hate that awful health services woman for making me have to choose. Maybe I should write her a letter...

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  1. Just sit in the big chair and decide. Sorry I'm still cracking up over that letter. It's amazing how a little thing can just push you right over the edge.