Sunday, March 28, 2010

Truckin along

Well I managed to make it through the weekend without behaviors which was very rewarding for a change. On Friday I kicked back and watch 2012 with my dad and brother- which just went to show me that no matter how bad things may seem, at the least California isn't sinking and the ground isn't splitting under our feet. Yesterday I went shopping with my little sister because I wanted to buy distress tolerance toys and she wanted to come along and see what gifts she could squeeze outta me. I ended up with silly putty, a squishy ball, and a friendship bracelet making kit which is TOTALLY engrossing and I can already tell it'll be an awesome DBT distraction skill.

Tonight my cousin made dinner- chicken chili and a vegetarian version for me. I was sitting on the kitchen floor munching on vegetables and keeping her company while she fooled around with the stove and then my dad comes in and says, "Eliza try and save room for dinner, alright?" I looked at him and paused because I sort of thought he was kidding, but he just stood there so I said, "...Dad, this is a carrot." The ED stepped in and I got this huge lump in my throat so I had to leave the kitchen and cry for a few minutes in my room. Luckily no one noticed so it was all good and the dinner turned out yummy.

Tomorrow I start my fifth week of treatment. Hooray for me making it this far! Probs have like another month to go I would guess...


  1. I can't believe it's been 5 weeks already!

  2. I know! As of this week I have officially been there the longest out of all the girls.

  3. See you have stamina!

    I get the whole thing of the earth breaking apart in my head whenever I screw up, so it's on a loop ;D

    You did good this weekend. I'm so happy for you.