Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ED bites back

I've decided to stop bragging about the good days I have because it seems like after every happy post, the following one is hopeless and relapsey.

Today I flipped out about how much I ate last night so I called in sick to program. The worst part is I essentially purged through fasting and a tiny bit of exercise. This is serious, people. For the past few weeks, even though I've had occasional binge episodes, I was really trying NOT to compensate for them. When you compensate for a binge, either by vomiting, exercise, fasting, or using pills, all it does is reinforce the binging in the first place.

Right now I'm on quite a starvation high so the reality of how stupid I'm being hasn't quite sunk in. It's going to take every fiber of my being to eat dinner tonight. I haven't decided if I'm going to yet. I should though.


  1. You should eat...and then be honest about everything tomorrow.

  2. Please eat. We're all thinking about you, and are all sending you positive vibes to get you through this, I know how rough an difficult it can be. Eat, even if it's a little bit.
    Love you

  3. Remember that sliping is something that happens. They know it and can help you. Let them help you.