Saturday, March 13, 2010


I hate weekends!! The only reason they were created was to make it harder for addicts like me to avoid behaviors.

Our last group in program yesterday was weekend planning. I filled out my packet, made lots of plans- basically tried to schedule myself with people and activities round the clock so I wouldn't binge. When I got home though my dad was still at work, my sister and my mom were on a girl scout field trip, my brother was watching t.v. with his friends, and it was raining so I couldn't run. Boredom and restlessness took over and before I knew it I was fully engaged in stuffing my face.

The worst part was that I went to the grocery store and purposely brought ten dollars so I could only buy a few things to pig out on, but just like last time there was a sale on ice cream so I ended up with two cartons again. UGH.

Anyways. That was yesterday. Today is today. Last weekend I binged on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Gonna try to stay strong and keep it to just the one slip this week. It'll still be a fail but at least it's progress, right?


  1. It's not a fail it's a stepping stone. You have to fall down when you're learning to walk. Wow that sounds so Corney. Ok you take care of yourself. I'm going to go see if the cat pooped yet.

    See and you thought your weekend was bad.

  2. Hehe thanks. Happy poop checking!

  3. When you make progress, even if it's a tiny bit, all FAIL is eliminated. Good job!