Monday, March 22, 2010

Things to think about

Today one of my favorite girls was discharged. It was a little sad but everyone could tell she was ready and totally strong enough to get on with her life so that was awesome too.

I had a crappy-ish day. I woke up this morning and KNEW the day would suck because, lets face it, whenever the first thing I see out the window is rainy and apocalyptic, it's never a promising day. On the other hand however, I got to boast about my first weekend in treatment without binging!!! YAY ME!!! However I just ate quite a bit and I'm not sure whether or not it counts as a binge. I had a bag of reese's and three big cups of low-fat vanilla ice cream. I feel a little overly full, but not stuffed... after most binges I usually can't move so maybe I've made some headway?? Oh well. Something to explore tomorrow in group.

Oh and something else interesting- I've lost weight! How weird yet awesome is that??? You know I've never actually given my body a chance to let itself find a set point because throughout my whole teenage life I've either been slightly too thin from restricting or slightly too fat from binging. Who knows where I really belong? Not me. Anyway, I'm changing the subject now because I promised myself I'd only write 3-4 sentences about weight.

Oh oh oh! Yesterday I went running!!! IT WAS AMAZING. I don't count it as an ED behavior because: a) I didn't try to calculate how many calories I burned
b) It wasn't to purge after a binge
c) I didn't overdo it.

Hmmm... sometimes I wonder if I will EVER want to write about other topics in my blog besides ED stuff. I chose the name "Working on it" because I'm hoping that eventually it can apply to more than just my eating disorder.


  1. You are doing great. Running for just the pure fun of feeling you body move and respond is fun.

    And ask the people there if they consider it a binge. I don't think it was.

    Good luck!

  2. See what happens when you feed your body correctly!!?? :) Good job for sticking with the program! I'm glad you are still there.

  3. Oof thanks for the support guys... I had THE worst day today though and I binged massively so I feel like I've undone any progress. I'm anticipating heavy restriction and exercise for the next few days and I'm feeling really upset. Lol I don't even wanna write a post about it because I'm so embarrassed. :(