Saturday, March 20, 2010

A blog from the boonies

So I'm up in Maine for the weekend. The Quakers from my family's meeting house are on a retreat and I was hired to come along and do childcare while the adults have their little workshops and activity groups.

The internet out here is a little touch and go so I figured I'd try to get some blogging in before the connection dies again. Ugh. I'm in the middle of nowhere. Also, trying to remember what it was exactly that possessed me to go on this trip. I mean granted I'm leaving tomorrow so it's not like I'm dying but still you gotta wonder... do you ever agree to do stuff because it's like a month away and you figure, "I have time to prepare myself," only to have one month fly by and then you're like.... uhhhh, why did I commit??

Behaviors have been kicking up since I got here yesterday- I'm not surprised though. Whenever I leave home for college, vacation, even weekend trips, I start restricting like crazy. So yesterday I met maybe half of what my meal plan calls for, and so far today has been no different. Oh man. I wanna go home.

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