Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My life is a joke

I do not understand parking in Cambridge. I've been getting ticketed so much lately, so I decided to play it safe this time and park in one of the lots by Harvard, but once I finished my appointment with Marci (which is only like 45 minutes long) and drove out, the guy charged me fourteen dollars! I might as well have just parked illegally outside her office and taken the twenty dollar ticket! Well, that's what I get for driving instead of walking/taking the bus.

It was a good session today. I was sort of relieved because after taking a long hard look at the past week and a half, the restriction has not been as serious as I think I made it sound. Yes, I've been eating less than the meal plan calls for, and YES, restricting food intake to make yourself feel better or to relieve anxiety is eating disordered, BUT I really haven't been restricting all that much. I think maybe I wanted it to sound like I was but I'm not. I'm glad I was honest with Marci about it though. Now we can just forget about it and move on.

I'm watching Silence of Lambs with my brother (he claims it's for school. Ha!). I love this movie so much. It's like my fourth or fifth favorite film.

Last night I closed the ice cream store with the other new employee that we hired, Richard. He's a nice guy and a lot more helpful with cleaning and stuff than Michelle is. I'm telling you, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. Working at the ice cream store I mean. I know I'm not obligated to stay there forever or anything, but it's just getting to be so much more work now that the warm weather is here and customers are coming in and out all day. I certainly can't get away with watching Netflix or bingeing on froyo while I'm working anymore :) I can't quit though. Apparently I owe a whopping 500 dollars in overdue parking tickets from months ago. I have the money, but it's just the most depressing situation ever because if I'd just paid them when they were due I wouldn't have this problem. Ugh, it sucks. So quitting would just make me feel even worse because I wouldn't be able to make any money to make up for it. Booooooooo.

Here are things I need to do this week: (just fyi this list is more for my own organizational purposes. I'm not trying to brag or show off how cool and conscientious I am, because I'm not)

-pay parking tickets
-call Beth Israel Hospital and give them worker's comp information about the accident
-call and set up an appointment with a psychiatrist about meds
-return Netflix DVD's
-get a smoothie from Fresh City at some point
-review statistics notes for class next week
-buy Easter cards to send out to people in a few weeks
-figure out when I'm going to England (before or after California? I don't know!!!)
-call CrazyHorse and give them credit card information so I can get a refund on riding boots that I returned months ago


  1. So, do you want to quit the job b/c you won't be able to binge anymore?

  2. Oh no! Did I make it sound like that? I just don't like how busy the store has become. But not being able to binge is a bonus.

  3. No, you didn't make it sound like that. England sounds fun!!

  4. Ok, I'm glad that that's not the reason!

  5. I'm sorry that work is getting stressful :/
    But it sounds like your eating is going well! Keep it up :)

    Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Live life in the here and now. Be happy Eliza. You're doing great!