Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This post is stupid

Okay, first of all- I need you guys to watch this video because I think it's CRAZY!!


Second of all, I need to talk about how I'm worrying about death and dying. Anybody else ever get unwelcome thoughts about their ultimate demise? It's scary and sad and now I'm wondering what life holds in store for me after death. Heaven? Hell? Dirt and worms? Nutella? I don't know what to expect. It's times like these I wish I believed in a divine being because then I could ask for strength and courage and absolution. Which reminds me I haven't taken my meds yet today...

Anyways, back to the video. The other thing it made me wonder was what if someone did that sort of time lapse with WEIGHT LOSS??? Like a flip book of a regular person losing weight really quickly. Man that would be triggering. Also I'm really tempted to try it. I could take a picture of myself every day for like three months and then put it all together into a 30 second video of me becoming really skinny. I'm sorry, I'm sick, I know.

On a healthier and more recovery oriented note, I'm really going to stick to weighing myself just once a week. Real weight is not lost overnight, and turning to the scale every time I need reassurance just leads to frustration and bad thoughts.

LOL for the past twenty minutes I've been belting Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs and my brother just pounded on the wall of my room from his. True talent is just not appreciated anymore.

OOuuf... this post is becoming disjointed and uninteresting. I should think of something astute and psychologically insightful to say but I'm totally beat from studying this evening. I have a test in two weeks, and I decided that, rather than cram the night before like I did with the last one, I should put in at least two hours a day reviewing stuff. I just finished reading about phantom limb syndrome. Scary stuff. When you lose a leg, some of the free nerve endings in the remaining part of your leg that originated in the lost leg will fire off signals on occasion that make you feel like your leg is still there.

Now I shall reward all this hard work by watching an episode of something on my laptop. Perhaps the X-files. That feels appropriate for the occasion.

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