Monday, October 18, 2010

Things that are making me feel googly

I feel like I don't wanna go to work tomorrooooooooooow. Not for any specific reason in particular... just the usual odd ball anxieties: I'm afraid of screwing up, I get upset when customers are mean to me about their ice cream, I feel horrible when Tulan has to point out the spills I've missed or the yogurts that were too watery. ARHGHHHHHH sometimes I wish I'd picked an easier and less stressful place to work. To be fair though, working behind the counter at a sweet shop didn't sound all that demanding when I first checked it out... oh well. My dad said that the stress and discomfort is good and it means I'm "stretching." I suppose this is true to an extent. I just wish I wasn't so preoccupied with worrying about it, you know?! On the bright side, all the worry and confusion eradicates any and all binge urges so I'm all set in that department.

Before work tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Gordon so that means I can't sleep in :( Booooooooooooooooo

Speaking of Dr. Gordon- MY PARENTS MET WITH HER. Not quite sure why I put that in capitals, since I told them all ahead of time that I was okay with it. I guess it's just another image I have in my head that makes me feel uncomfortable... the image of my parents meeting with my therapist. UGguguguh. Naturally I was super curious about what they all thought of each other. My mom was all approval, she even said that she could imagine herself "spending the day or going to Starbucks" with her. My dad said, "Yeah she's okay." Anyways, I tried to get some more out of them- my mother in particular. Of course she insisted that they didn't discuss anything that they wouldn't have discussed in front of me- "mostly just possible courses of action for the spring."

I'm like, "What courses of action?" Because lets get realistic here people: one semester leave from school was acceptable, another one was understandable, but who takes a year and a half off from college? When would I graduate??! When would I ever get my life moving again?


  1. You'll graduate when your ready to. It will happen just get better first so that you can concentrate on school.

  2. Wow, I would have died if my parents went and talked to Charro. I'd want to know EVERYTHING that was discussed. I would be going insane. I needed to know everything when Charro talked to Steph (the T from the study I did) and I don't think I got everything out of either of them, but I don't think they were hiding anything from me.

  3. I know right?! Thank you. Everyone thinks I'm overreacting when I say this makes me feel googly.